Scope of Work of State Plan Division


The main functions of State Plan Division are formulation and preparation of Annual Plans and other specific developmental schemes, intra/inter sectoral adjustment of outlay and review of implementation of State Plan Schemes. Following are the specific works of the division.

  1. Preparation of Budget Estimate/Revised Estimate.
  2. Interface with NITI Aayog on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other programs.
  3. Servicing of Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure (CCI).
  4. Special Plan Assistance.
  5. Special Assistance for Capital Expenditure/Investment.
  6. Review of Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
  7. Single Nodal Accounts(PFMS).
  8. Chief Minister’s District Innovation and Challenge Fund.
  9. Deen Dayal Uphadyaya Swalamban Yojana.
  10. State Infrastructure Development Fund.
  11. Untied Fund.
  12. Infrastructural development of new districts.
  13. Repair & Renovation of FSBs in border areas used by BGF for patrolling