Information About Planning Department

  1. The main functions of the Department are formulation and preparation of Five Year Plans, Annual Plans and other specific developmental Plans like NEC, Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources, Border Area Development Programme, Servicing of State Planning Board, matters relating to MPLADS, MLALADS, Monitoring and review of implementation of various schemes.

2.     It is proposed to develop an effective system for monitoring the implementation of Plan schemes and programmes, so that feedback from the same could be used for time to time correction of sectoral strategy and removal of bottleneck in implementation. It is also proposed to undertake large computerization of the functioning of the Planning Department to accomplish speed and accuracy in the matter of compilation of reports and returns, monitoring of implementation, regular processing of data of various departments and their analysis. Towards this end, developing of monitoring and other software will be undertaken. For preparation of various studies, sectoral strategies, field investigations and surveys, established professional consultant will be engaged wherever necessary along with review and evaluation of ongoing programmes of critical importance in the Planning process.

3.     The work of the Planning Department is staff oriented. As per the instructions and guidelines of the Planning Commission, a systematic effort has been made to strengthen the State Planning Machinery and District Planning Machinery. Support against those two schemes has been discontinued by the Planning Commission from the 1st Year of 9th Plan. Full requirement for the Planning Machinery is thus now provided under State Plan.

4.     The State Government has taken the initiative of strengthening the Planning Department. As a first step, the department was bifurcated into two technical wings during 2007-08 which are headed by (i) Director (Planning) and (ii) Director (State Plan). The Director (State Plan) is looking after all matters relating to State Plan like Five Year Plans, Annual Plans including ACA, SPA etc. and servicing of the State Planning Board. Director (Planning) is looking after the Micro – Planning Division (MLALADS/MPLADS/BADP/RIDF/Untied Fund//Twenty Point Programme) and the Project Division (NEC/NLCPR/Training) besides all administrative and establishment matters of the department. The Public Private Partnership and Project Monitoring Unit (PPP & PMU) has been created during 2010 headed by a separate Director. This Unit of Planning Department will deal with all matters relating to monitoring and review of implementation of various schemes under the State Plan, Flagship Schemes of Government of India, NEC, NLCPR 20-Point Programme, BADP, ACA, SPA, PMs Package and other Centrally Sponsored schemes besides identifying areas for PPP Projects and framing model guidelines/documents for PPP Projects in the State. The PPP & PMU Unit will also suggest overall reforms in the Planning process in the State and process re-engineering within the Planning Department (through selected consultants).

5.     The District Planning Units, attached to the office of the Deputy Commissioners, are headed by the District Planning Officers (DPOs).